Renovation of a storage place

The renovation of our outside storage place has been realized this year. The works included the complete renewal of covering over an area of 13,000 square meter [...]

Multimodality, Trends Top Transport wrote about us on 30 March 2017

"La multimodalité au coeur du Hainaut" See Trends article   HERE [...]

Snow-clearance salt is highly topical (December 16)

With the first onslaught of winter, our company is busy removing snow-clearance salt from storage and delivering it to the municipalities. See the interview wit [...]

Our latest investment in May 2016 !

The acquisition of this new 18-metre long conveyor belt enables us to tranship bulk material, notably cereals directly from the trucks to the boats. [...]

Application of the mileage tax. Effect on inland waterways?

With the application of the mileage tax, will companies opt more and more for inland waterways? See the interview with our manager on this matter  HERE   [...]

Inauguration of our three new storage halls in Ghlin !

See the interview with our manager on our company’s activities and the inauguration of our three new storage halls on 23 October 2013  HERE or a press article o [...]

Our latest investment in 2015 : new Bulldozer Hitachi

Our new bulldozer HITACHI is arrived in December 2015 ! [...]